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Donate to your Local Catholic School or the Board On-Line


                                  There are now two ways for you to make your Online donation:

School Cash Online

Parents and members of the public now have the opportunity to make charitable donations to the school using School Cash Online. 


Simply click the button

and click on the "Make a Donation" button


You can donate on-line to your Local Catholic School or the Board through “Canada Helps”.

Making a donation on-line is simple and secure.  Just click on the “Donate Now” on this page.

In a few easy steps, you can make a donation to the School or Board.  When your donation has been completed, we will receive an electronic notice of the donation and you will receive an immediate email with a tax receipt from Canada Helps.  This reduces administration for your School and the Board.


The funds you donated will be used in accordance with your direction and the School will be notified of your donation.  In the message section, please specify the intended use:  breakfast program, playground equipment, school supplies etc.


Click the DONATE NOW button

Click here to donate online

Thank you for your on-line donation and support of Catholic Education.

Your donation is greatly appreciated!



Donate to your Local Catholic School or the Board By Cheque


If you would like to make your donation by cheque, please click on the downloadable pdf form: