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Guidance Department


Our guidance department looks forward to seeing and supporting your child.
This year, students are to sign up for guidance appointments online by clicking here
Parents are asked to email the guidance counsellor their child selected on the link to give advance permission for routine schedule changes.
Guidance Support can be accessed through the following button.

2021-2022 Grade 10-12 Course Selection:

Below are all of the materials for completing your Option Sheet for next year.  Choose your courses on your option sheet and then enter them into Xello.  Click on the Guidance Appointment button above to meet with a Guidance Counselor once you have attempted your option sheet if you would like further assistance.
Please note the 2021-2022 course calendar will be released shortly with new courses being offered and the changes to our Immersion courses for the alternate year.

How to Use Xello Course Planner

1. Log in to Xello (2 options):
  1. When you log into your chromebook, there is a Xello icon on the Student Dashboard. 
  2. On the St. Mary’s High School website, find Xello under Programs and Services.


If you are on a different device other than your own, you will need to sign in the way you sign in to your chromebook, using your school email and password.


2. Watch the following short video about Course Planner.


Entering your Courses into Xello:

  1. Once logged in to Xello. Go to Course Planner located under the “Goals & Plans” section/column of the page.
  2. Click on the + to add each course.
  3. Make sure that you choose the correct letter! (L locally developed, P applied, D academic, O open, C college, U university, M mixed college/university, E workplace)
  4. Make sure you choose French Immersion only if you are French Immersion.
  5. Be careful to choose the courses that you want to take.



3. Once you have 8 courses in your course planner, and have chosen one alternate, hit submit at the bottom.  Print out your submitted course selection and have a parent sign it.  All forms should be handed in to your teacher.