Weekly Wellness October 13, 2021


Weekly Wellness


October 13, 2021


The weather this past weekend couldn't help but to inspire this week's Wellness Wednesday.  I hope you were able to get out to enjoy the gift of the sunshine and warmth that lights up the colours, smells and joys of fall.  Getting outside to enjoy the sights and sounds of Bruce Grey is an excellent way to take care of oneself.  Find a path, blaze a trail and soak in the goodness that comes from being in nature!

"Outdoor exercise has a direct correlation to greater feelings of positivity and energy and fewer feelings of tension, anger and depression." - Lindsey Leffelman Mind & Body: What Hiking Does for Your Mental and Physical Health

"A 2020 study suggests that spending time in nature changes signals in the brain and promotes a more relaxed state."  Healthline, 2021


21 Chats - https://rtoero.ca/21chats/

Check out this free resource from the Retired Teachers of Ontario to hear from some of the top experts on mental health and wellbeing. 

It also might get  you thinking about retirement planning which could be fun too ;)


Mental Health Support comes in a variety of options - find the service that best fits for you.  You don't have to be in crisis to reach out and explore what's available.MH Resources

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