AVI4M - Grade 12 Visual Arts

Course Outline
Sketchbook Development
Written Critique

Drawing Projects: 

 Grid Poetry-Lyric and Imagery Drawing (.PDF)

Choose 2 of 9)
Fashion Design Drawing (.PDF)
Architecture Drawing (.PDF)
Dynamic Mode of Transportation Drawing (.PDF)
Recontextualization Drawing (.PDF)
Human Form Architecture Drawing (.PDF)
Concept of Power Drawing (.PDF)    
Japanese Shadow Figure Drawing (.PDF)
Cubism Pastel Drawing (.PDF)
Animatic Storyboard Project (.PDF)
  Art History Files:

01_Impressionism_Art. (.PDF)
02_Post_Impressionism_Cezanne unscramble it.(PDF)
04_Art_Nouveau_Klimt (.PDF)
04_Art_Nouveau_Klimt scramble it​ (.PDF)
05_Fauvism_Matisse (.PDF)
06_Expressionism_&_NonObj (.PDF)
07_Mexican_Modern_Art (.PDF)
08_Surrealism_Dali_&_Chagall (.PDF)
09_Cubism_Picasso (.PDF)    
10_Modern_Sculpture (.PDF)
11_Modern_Architecture (.PDF)
12_Modern_Photography (.PDF)
13_Pop_Art (.PDF)
17_Post_Modern_Art (.PDF)
18_Art_of_Africa (.PDF)
19_Art_of_Native_America (.PDF)
20_Art_of_Mexico (.PDF             

Painting Projects:

Abstract Watercolour & Dynamic Figurative Mask Painting (.PDF)
LP Record Abstract Art Sculpture (.PDF)
Social Consciousness Painting (.PDF)
Plate Painting Project (.PDF)
Zhuang Hong Yi Colour Change Paper Flower Painting Project (.PDF)
Living Trompe-l'oeil Painting Project (.PDF)

Mixed Media Projects:

101 Oculus Quest VR Rules & Expectation Tutorial Questions (.PDF)
101 Intro to Tilt Brush App How To Change Profile and Save Progress Tutorial (.PDF)
101 Intro to Sculptr VR App Tutorial Questions (.PDF)
101 Intro to Gravity Sketch App How To Save Progress Tutorial Questions (.PDF)
Oculus Quest VR Rubric (.PDF)

Digital Painting Project (.PDF)
Logo Google Doodle Project (.PDF)
Pencil Vs Camera Project (.PDF)
Social Justice Environmental Issue Mixed Media (.PDF)
Digital Visual Narrative Project (.PDF)
3D Object (.PDF)
Sketch Up & Pepakura 3D Model Design Project (.PDF)
Animatic Storyboard Project (.PDF)
Hyperlapse Photography (.PDF)
Minecraft Creator Design Project (.PDF)
Infographic Project (.PDF)
View Master Project (.PDF)
Animated Optical Illusion Project (.PDF)
Mo Cap Animation Project (.PDF)
Plastic Mold Making Sculpture Project (.PDF)
Photo Stamp Project (.PDF)
Faux Stain Glass Wood Sculpture Project (.PDF)
Photo Wood Engraving Puzzle Project (.PDF)
Wood Clock Sculpture Design Project (.PDF)
Faux Stain Glass Post Card Sculpture Project (.PDF)
Woven Photography (.PDF)
Ben Heine Digital Circlism Project (.PDF)
Sean Avery Sustainable Art Used CDs Sculpture Project (.PDF)
Social Justice Collage Project (.PDF)
Newspaper Collage Self Portrait (.PDF)
Photogrammetry Project (.PDF)
Kinetic Moving Painting (.PDF)
Spirograph Design Project (.PDF)
Interactive Sound Game Incredibox (.PDF)
Puzzle Purse Project (.PDF)
Eames House of Cards Project (.PDF)
Ernest Nister Kaleidoscope Dissolving Sculpture (.PDF)
Faux Digital Silver Gelatin Collage Photography Project (.PDF)
Portrait Collage Project (.PDF)
Portrait Silhouette Laser Engraving Puzzle Project (.PDF)
Character Animation Rotoscoping Project (.PDF)
Haiku Rotoscope Project (.PDF)
Rotoscope Metaphor Project (.PDF)

Sculpture Project:

Soapstone Sculpture (.PDF)
Site Specific Installation Sculpture (.PDF)
Bobblehead Sculpture Project (.PDF)
Tatebanko Sculpture Project (.PDF)
Phenakistoscope Project (.PDF)
Alexander Girard Wood Sculpture (.PDF)
Mini Japanese Zen Rock Garden Sculpture (.PDF)
Architecture Sculpture (.PDF)
Plaster Mold Sculpture (.PDF)
Figurative Rock Sculpture (.PDF)

Wire Portrait Sculpture (.PDF)
Agostino Iacurci Mini Wall Mural (.PDF)
Karakuri Sculpture (.PDF)
Pop Up Book (.PDF)
Japanese Pop Up Greeting Card (.PDF)
Patrick Huges Reverspective Room Sculpture (.PDF)
Celebrity Cereal Silhouette Sculpture (.PDF)
Disappearing Colour Drawing Sculpture (.PDF)
Turning Wheel Sculpture (.PDF)
Picture Box Toy Sculpture (.PDF)
Panorama Fantasy Box Sculpture (.PDF)
Torus Sculpture Project (.PDF)
Spherical Spiral Sculpture Project (.PDF)
Elastica Light Lamp Sculpture Project (.PDF)
Interlocking Quadrilateral Puzzle Lamp Sculpture (.PDF)
Paper Stencil Table Lamp Sculpture (.PDF)
Automotive Model Design Sculpture (.PDF)
Pebble People Painting Sculpture Project (.PDF)
Jewelry Design (.PDF)
Low Poly 3D Mask Sculpture Project (.PDF)
Low Poly 3D Animal Sculpture Project (.PDF)

Printmaking Projects:

Social Justice Stencil (.PDF)
Joge-e Woodcut Project (.PDF)
Woodcut & Mono Print (.PDF)
T Shirt Silkscreen Printmaking Project (.PDF)

Digital Photography:

Choose Your Own Adventure Polaroid Game (.PDF)
Alphabet Photo Project (.PDF)
Cindy Sherman Project (.PDF)
Hybrid Self Photo Portrait Project (.PDF)
Photo Essay Project (.PDF)
Product Advertisement Project (.PDF)
Theatrical Narrative Sequence Project (.PDF)
Transformation Series Photo Project (.PDF)
Woven Photography (.PDF)
Interactive Multiple Self Portrait Project (.PDF)

ISU Project:

Comparative Art History Essay (.PDF)

Culminating Project:

Portfolio (.PDF)

Choose Your Own Project (.PDF)

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