AWQ4M - Grade 12 Photography

Course Outline

Photography Journal
Written Critique

Spot Colour Project (.PDF)
Product_Advertisement_Project (.PDF)
Turning Wheel Sculpture (.PDF)
Phobia Project (.PDF)
What Is It_Project (.PDF)

Reverse Perspective Patrick Hughes Photo Project (.PDF)
Same_Place_Different_Time_Project (.PDF)
Phenakistoscope_Photo_Project (.PDF)
Cindy_Sherman_Project (.PDF) or
Picture Box Toy Sculpture (.PDF) 

Hyperlapse Photography Project (.PDF)
Interactive Fashion Photo Re-Arranger Project (.PDF) 
Anti_Stereotype_Poster_Project (.PDF)
Social_Justice_Photo_Project (.PDF)
Culture_Jam_Photo_Project (.PDF)
Mentorship_Style_Photography_Project (.PDF)
Photo Stamp Project (.PDF)
Faux Stain Glass Wood Sculpture Project (.PDF)
Photo Wood Engraving Puzzle Project (.PDF)
Wood Clock Sculpture Design Project (.PDF)

ISU Project:

ISU_Photo_Essay (.PDF)

Culminating Project:

Portfolio Project (.PDF)

Bonus Projects:

Pencil Vs Camera Project (.PDF)
Choose Your Own Adventure Polaroid Game (.PDF)
Alphabet Photo Project (.PDF)
Holga Photo Project (.PDF)
Hybrid Self Photo Portrait Project (.PDF)
Karl Blossfeldt Stilllife Project (.PDF)
Light Painting Photography Project (.PDF)
Lomo Photo Project (.PDF)
Man Ray Inverted Photo Project (.PDF)
Simulated Hand Painted Photograph Techniques Project (.PDF)
Song Lyric Text & Image Project (.PDF)
Surreal Photography Project (.PDF)
Theatrical Narrative Sequence Project (.PDF)
Transformation Series Photo Project (.PDF)
Fish Eye Lens Project (.PDF)
Tilt Shift Project (.PDF)
Microplanet & Mandala Project (.PDF)
Photobooth Project​ (.PDF)
Fotofix Art Photography Project (.PDF)

Satellite Photo and Video Game Pose Project (.PDF)
View Master Project (.PDF)
Animated Optical Illusion Project (.PDF)
Woven Photography (.PDF)
Ernest Nister Kaleidoscope Dissolving Sculpture (.PDF)
Eames House of Cards (.PDF)
Interactive Multiple Self Portrait Project (.PDF)

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