AVI101 - Grade 9 Visual Arts

 Course Outline

Sketchbook Development    
Written Critique (.PDF)

Drawing Projects:

Elements and Principles Project (.PDF)
Value Projects (.PDF)
Photo Portrait Enlargement Greek Project (.PDF)
Photo Portrait Enlargement (.PDF) 
Pen & Ink Technique Sheet (.PDF)
Positive Negative Project (.PDF) 
Human Proportion Figures (.PDF)
Two Point Perspective - Exterior & Interior Design (.PDF)
Two Point Perspective Cube Dudes (.PDF)
Graffiti Name Design Project (.PDF)
Pokémon Go Animal Character Project (.PDF)
Cubism Pastel Drawing (.PDF)
Mary Blair Pastel Conceptual Design Poster Project (.PDF)
Album-Book Cover Collage Project (.PDF)

Digital Photography & Mixed Media:

101 Oculus Quest VR Rules & Expectation Tutorial Questions (.PDF)
101 Intro to Tilt Brush App How To Change Profile and Save Progress Tutorial (.PDF)
101 Intro to Sculptr VR App Tutorial Questions (.PDF)
101 Intro to Gravity Sketch App How To Save Progress Tutorial Questions (.PDF)
Oculus Quest VR Rubric (.PDF)

Digital Painting Project (.PDF)
Self Portrait Mixed Media Project (.PDF)
Elements & Principles Project Outline (.PDF)
About Digital Cameras Handout (.PDF)
Composing Your Pictures Handout (.PDF)
10 Tips Handout (.PDF)
Black and White Photography Handout (.PDF)
Photography as Art: Alfred Stieglitz Questions Handout (.PDF)
Sketch Up & Pepakura 3D Model Design Project (.PDF)
3D Character Design Project (.PDF)
Minecraft Creator Design Project (.PDF)​
Faux Stain Glass Post Card Sculpture Project (.PDF)
Social Justice Collage Project (.PDF)
Newspaper Collage Self Portrait (.PDF)
Low Poly 3D Animal Sculpture Project (.PDF)
Spirograph Design Project (.PDF)
Interactive Sound Game Incredibox (.PDF)
Eames House of Cards Project (.PDF)
Character Animation Rotoscoping Project (.PDF)

Painting Projects:

Colour Theory (.PDF)
Colour Wheel (.PDF)
Colour Mixing: Hues, Shades and Brown (.PDF)
Colour Mixing: Swatches (.PDF)
Colour Mixing 4 Colour Schemes (.PDF)
Sphere Painting (.PDF)
Cone Painting (.PDF)
Cylinder Painting (.PDF)
Monochromatic Cat Painting (.PDF)
Monochromatic Dog Painting (.PDF)
Animal Pixel Colour Theory Mixing 4 Colour Schemes (.PDF)
Painting Techniques (.PDF)
Dynamic Figure Watercolour Painting (.PDF) 
High Contrast Portrait (.PDF) 

Sculpture Projects:

Head_Planter_Project (.PDF)
Grotesque Goblet (.PDF)
Wooden Horse Assemblage (.PDF)
Recycled Fish Sculpture (.PDF)
Stain Glass Self Portrait and Personal Interest Project (.PDF)
Self Portrait Painted Collage (.PDF)
Perspective Sculpture (.PDF)
Soapstone Sculpture (.PDF)
Mosaic Construction Paper Collage (.PDF)
Figurative Rock Sculpture (.PDF)
Wire Portrait Sculpture (.PDF)
Pop Up Book (.PDF)
Karakuri Sculpture (.PDF)
Papercraft Sculpture (.PDF)
Patrick Huges Reverspective Room Sculpture (.PDF)
Evolution Character Sculpture (.PDF)
Turning Wheel Sculpture (.PDF)
Picture Box Toy Sculpture (.PDF)
Pebble Mandala & Nature Painting Sculpture Project (.PDF)
Pebble Animals & Food Painting Sculpture Project (.PDF)
Puzzle Purse Project (.PDF)
Japanese Tea Lamp Sculpture (.PDF)
Object Silhouette Laser Engraving Puzzle Project (.PDF)

Printmaking Projects:

Japanese Pop Up Greeting Card with Mono Relief Printing (.PDF)
Mono Printmaking (.PDF)
Relief Printmaking (.PDF)
Stencil Statement Printmaking (.PDF)
Stamp Set Printmaking (.PDF)

Culminating Activity:

Egyptian Sarcophagi Sculpture (.PDF) or Patron Saint Sculpture (.PDF)
Portfolio (.PDF)

Art History Files:

Prehistory Art 1 Caves Map-Draw It!.pdf
Prehistory Art 2 Painting-Unscramble It!.pdf
Prehistory Art 3 Sculpture-Written Critique!.pdf
Prehistory Art 4 Sculpture-Draw It!.pdf

Egyptian Art 1-Egypt Map-Draw It!.pdf
Egyptian Art 2-Painting-Unscramble It!.pdf
Egyptian Art 3-Painting-Written Critique!.pdf
Egyptian Art 4-Sculpture-Unscramble It!.pdf
Egyptian Art 5-Sculpture-Draw It!.pdf
Egyptian Art 6-Sculpture-Unscramble It!.pdf
Egyptian Art 7-Sculpture-Written Critique!.pdf
Egyptian Art 8-Sculpture-Unscramble It!.pdf
Egyptian Art 9-Sculpture-Draw It!.pdf
Egyptian Art 10-Architecture-Draw It!.pdf
Egyptian Art 11-Architecture-Unscramble It!.pdf
Egyptian Art 12-Architecture-Draw It!.pdf

Greek Art 1-Greece Map-Draw It!.pdf
Greek Art 2-Architecture-Draw It!.pdf
Greek Art 3-Sculpture-Unscramble It!.pdf
Greek Art 4-Sculpture-Draw It!.pdf
Greek Art 5-Sculpture-Unscramble It!.pdf
Greek Art 6-Sculpture-Unscramble It!.pdf
Greek Art 7-Painting-Written Critique!.pdf
Greek Art 8-Painting-Draw It!.pdf
Greek Art 9-Painting-Unscramble It!.pdf

Roman Art 1-Architecture-Draw It!.pdf
Roman Art 2-Architecture-Unscramble It!.pdf
Roman Art 3-Architecture-Written Critique!.pdf
Roman Art 4-Sculpture-Draw It!.pdf
Roman Art 5-Sculpture-Unscramble It!.pdf​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Roman Art 6-Sculpture-Written Critique!.pdf
Roman Art 7-Painting-Unscramble It!.pdf


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