Sports & Clubs

September Athletics

  • Boys Baseball - D. Ward, A. Huber, L. Moore
  • Girls Basketball - (Sr) Mr. A Jones/Mrs. M. Nesbitt/ (JR) Mr. P. Quinlan, C. Gagnon- Solinger
  • Mountain Biking Club - Mr. B. Hannusch, Ms. H. McGee
  • Cross Country Running - Mr. P. Hogan, Mr. M. Fitzsimmons, Mrs. K. Fitzsimmons
  • Football - Mr. M. Bushey, Mr. T. Chiasson, Mr. G. Ayrheart, Mr. G. Willmes, Mr. A. VanWieringen, J. Lahn
  • Golf - Mr. P. Hrycak (Boys) Mrs. J. Ward (Girls)
  • Girls' Rugby - Mr. D. Werger, Mrs. B. Douglas
  • Tennis - Mr. J. Wainscott
  • Boys’ Volleyball - Mr. M. Murphy (Sr), Mr. J. Kim/Mr. A. Annetta  (Jr), Ms. K. Glasier (Midget)

September Clubs
Band - Mr. G. Willmes
Card Club - Mr. G. Kempe
Choir - Mr. G. Willmes
DECA - Mr. A. Low, Ms. K. Simons
Drama - Mrs. J. Ward
Environthon - Mr. F. Solinger
Gathering Club (Games Club) - Mr. M. Varsava, Mr. J. Beyer
GSA Club - Mrs. K. Majury, Mr. M. Kirby, Mr. M. Kuntz
Guitar Club - Mr. M. Kirby, Mr. V. Cowley
Improv Club - Mr. G. Kempe
OSAID - Ms. L. Cook, Mr. S. Newell
Peer Leadership - Mrs. J. Kirby, Mr. P. Hogan
Photography, Media Art, Ceramics - Mr. S. Arnett
Robotics - Mr. M. Murphy
Science Fair - Mr. B. Lacey
Student Council - Ms. L. Cook, Ms. M. Hillyer
Tech Club/Skills Canada - Mr. M. Vincent, Mr. V. Cowley, M. Murphy, M. Varsava
Yearbook Club - Mrs. D. Hannusch, Mrs. M. Majury, Ms. L. Takken

November Athletics
Boys' Basketball - (Sr) Mr. M. Varsava (Jr) Mr. J. Wainscott (Midget) Mr. D. Werger
Curling - Mr. D. Reitzel
Gymnastics - Mrs. N. Piovesan
Boys' Hockey - Mr. M. Kirby, Mr. D. Ward
Girls' Hockey - Mr. T. Chiasson, Ms. K. Simons
Nordic Skiing - Mrs. C. Solinger
Girls' Volleyball - (Sr) Mr. M. Murphy, (Jr) Mr. A. Hillyer, (Midget) K. Glasier
Swim Team - Mrs. M. Skiba

November Clubs
Chess Club - Mr. D. Reitzel
Public Speaking - Mr. M. Murphy

February Athletics
Badminton - Mr. T. Currie, Mr. F. Solinger
Jr Boys' Hockey - Mr. M. Kirby, Mr. D. Ward
Nordic Skiing - Mrs. C. Solinger,  Ms. J. MacClelland
Downhill Ski Club - Mrs. C. Solinger
April Athletics 
Boys' and Girls' Field Lacrosse (exhibition teams) - Mr. D. Ward, Mrs. M. Nesbitt
Mountain Biking Team - Mr. B. Hannusch
Girls’ Rugby - Mr. D. Werger, Mrs. B. Douglas
Boys' Soccer - Mr. A. Low, Mr. S. MacNay
Girls' Soccer - Ms. A. Nicholson
Track & Field - Mr. M. Kirby and Mr. F. Solinger

April Clubs
Envirothon - Mr. F. Solinger
Grad Committee - Mrs. K. Majury, Mr. M. Kirby, Mr. T. Chiasson
Prom Committee - Mrs. J. Auger, Ms. A. Nicholson, Mrs. R. Patterson

Physical Education Uniform Price List

We ask that all students wear a physical education uniform, along with appropriate footwear, to each active class and athletic event.  Items and prices are as follows:

 Prices for 2016-2017 (updated annually)
 T-Shirt                     $10                 Packages:  $20     Shorts & T-Shirt
Sleeveless T-Shirt     $12                                  $25     Shorts & Sleeveless T-Shirt
Shorts                      $15

Students are encouraged to get involved positively in their school life. Many co-curricular activities are offered throughout the school year. Students are encouraged to listen to announcements each day for upcoming opportunities.

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